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Who we are? We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the Engineering consulting offices in Egypt. Our team consists of a group of professional Engineers in the field of industrial and marine constructions. It was founded in 2003 , we expanding our working structuring in 2008.

Our main office located in Shaikh Zayed ,Giza governorate and our branch in Alexandria

Our Mission

Helping our clients in Egypt to reduce the Engineering dangers. Seeking to achieve our goal by a wide group of administrating projects and services which aim to support our clients during each stage of the project stages, Planning and design, till starting and operating. Our role is to solve all sorts of problems before they appear.

We have a simple principle: to employ the best efficiency, understanding our clients' needs and to do more than they expected.

Samples of our Projects:

  • Design and supervise (Healthy choice project factory).
  • Design and supervise (Dar ready Mix Company)
  • Architectural and structural design of (Wardian housing project in Alex) 2017.
  • Architectural and structural design of (Warra Housing project in Cairo) 2017.
  • Design and supervise ( Bearing Wall ,Storage) of Abo Al-Khair port 2009.
  • Design and supervise (Main Platform 100m , a platform 40m ) of Nobaria Port Alexandria 2012.
  • Design and supervise of Nour Aldien port development Alexandria 2015.
  • Design and supervise (Warra Port) 2012.
  • Design and supervise (Sanitary system development , the storages) Miraca Co.
  • Design and supervise of 8 Villas Cairo - Alex Road 2013 - 2014.